The name Template Monster should be familiar to everyone involved in web design. A top provider of web design solutions is celebrating its 15th birthday this summer. The company has been around for a long time, and in that time it has seen both success and failure in the niche. Also, they’ve figured out how to make products that satisfy today’s choosy consumers and keep up with the best in the business with each new release.

The last fifteen years have been very illuminating for the organization. The moment has come to tell others about it. The first thing you’ll do when you decide to start a web project or a business is to study the strategies used by other brands that have become well-known and respected. If you’re looking for free educational resources, Template Monster has a ton of options. What follows is an examination of the web design “monster” and its lessons.

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Section for Free Education

You can discover a plethora of helpful videos and tutorials on how to utilize Template Monster’s products on their official YouTube channel. This playlist is tailored to those who are new to webmastering, writers experimenting with marketing texts that sell, or creative types looking for ways to increase their online visibility and income.

As you go through the videos on Template Monster, you’ll hear from experts in various departments about what works in their field and how to excel in various parts of web design.

No Cost Ebooks

A book is incomparable to anything else. Online business management, startup work, web design and development, usability enhancement, mobile-friendly UI/UX, and countless other topics are covered in the free eBooks released by Template Monster around a year ago. The library is always growing because new free eBooks are added periodically. You should save this page for future use. When seeking an expert’s opinion on matters pertaining to web design, it will prove to be quite useful.

No Cost Themes

The internet community has long been enticed by freebies. No matter what field we’re discussing, there’s always something we can test out without spending a dime. The same holds true for website layout. A large variety of high-quality website templates are what make Template Monster famous. On the other hand, the web design freebies collection has a lot of sample templates that you can use for free.

The company always releases a “lite” version of a product whenever a new type of product is introduced. While the free pack does not include all of the premium features, it does have a similar look and feel.

For instance, the latest generation of WordPress multipurpose themes, Monstroid Squared, was released by Template Monster. This premium theme incorporates every single one of the best solutions that the modern WordPress community has to offer. In addition, it showcases several innovations that were specifically designed to complement the theme. Consequently, the premium version of the Monstroid Squared theme is available, but there is also a Lite version that users can download to get a feel for the theme. You can tell the two iterations of the Monstroid Squared theme are very similar in layout by comparing them side by side. Lists of specifications, though, differ.

The free versions of most of the new premium flagship themes that appear on template are also available for purchase, so that customers can make an informed decision and avoid wasting money on products that won’t work for their businesses.

Center for Certification

In addition to teaching, Template Monster also certifies. Whether you’re just starting out as a web designer or developer or are an established webmaster seeking more opportunities to expand your own web design agency, Template Monster Certification Center has everything you need.

This is a well-liked project by Template Monster, and it allows you to tailor your web design education to your specific needs by enrolling in one of two major courses: one for beginners and one for pros.

Web design fundamentals and the most popular platforms for creating blogs and online stores will be available to beginners. At the end of the course, a Template Monster Certificate will be given to everyone who successfully completed it.

The owner of a web design studio is required to demonstrate extensive familiarity with Template Monster themes by passing a quiz. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and an exclusive opportunity to be included in the web design studios catalogue. Since the catalogue is available to all Template Monster clients seeking skilled professionals who can help them customize the chosen designs, the latter is a certain way to find new clients and boost your revenue.

Shop at Web Studios

You can find all of the certified Template Monster partners in the Web Studios Catalogue. Buyers can locate web design studios or freelancers here who will customize their themes as needed. Additionally, this chart increases the likelihood that competent webmasters will attract more customers, which in turn increases their income, all while engaging in what they love to do.

Each web design studio and freelancer that makes it onto the chart will have their own profile page here. The second is really useful and provides a fair amount of information. An integrated contact form invites people to get in touch with a web design studio or freelancer online in addition to detailed information about yourself, a portfolio of your work, and contact details.

An infographic style of organization characterizes the Web Studios Catalogue. Web studios have a better chance of increasing their revenue and ranking in the Catalogue in relation to the number of projects they have launched and the number of content management systems (CMSs) they work with.

Beautiful Website Layouts

What makes Template Monster so popular are the ready-made website templates. There is an exponential increase in the number of pre-made solutions. We have added new, ground-breaking products to our inventory. All of the products sold on template are up-to-date and compatible with popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento. You get free, round-the-clock support with all of their premium templates, and they have thorough documentation. You can make any changes you want to any of them, and there are additional customization options available for free.

New flagship templates are appearing in the collection at a steady rate. Recent and noteworthy releases are highlighted here.

A WordPress Theme by Monstroid 2 – The Flagship

A versatile WordPress theme, Monstroid Squared is available under the GPL license. The latter allows you to install the theme on an unlimited number of websites and makes it easy to modify the theme’s code. The theme comes with Power, a drag-and-drop page builder, so you can easily customize the layout. Theme Pack 2 also includes WordPress Live Customizer. For no cost at all, you can access a library of child themes. Several new professional-grade skins are added with each update.

Our Premier WooCommerce Theme – Woostroid

This is a robust e-commerce platform with great topical adaptability. One such WooCommerce theme that is both fully editable and licensed under the GPL is Woostroid. An ever-growing library of theme demos provides fresh, pre-made solutions for launching e-commerce websites catering to any industry. Theme customization is made easier with a drag-and-drop page builder. In addition to a number of pre-designed layout options, UI components, and header and footer styles, this theme is highly customizable to meet your specific requirements. The theme also comes with a set of premium plugins that you can use without paying anything more.

An HTML Theme for Bravery

A fully responsive website template, Brave Theme serves multiple purposes. The incorporation of the Novi page editor allows for the modification of the latter without the inclusion of any coding routine. Even those without experience with web design will find the drag-and-drop interface intuitive enough to customize the theme to their liking. This theme has a long list of features, including over a hundred pre-designed pages, eleven layouts tailored to specific niches, dozens of header and footer styles, and several intelligent plugins.

Our Premier Magento Theme – Magetique

For all you Magento enthusiasts out there, we have a multipurpose solution just for you. It also comes with an ever-expanding library of pre-made, niche-specific layouts that are live and ready to go. With the theme’s extensive marketing toolbox, eCommerce businesses can promote themselves more effectively. In addition, since everything is already included in the theme’s pack, there’s no need to save money on purchasing premium Magento plugins.

Our Premier PrestaShop Theme – Eveprest

Eveprest is a versatile extension for PrestaShop. Eveprest, like the other flagship templates included in this post, comes with a set of ten child themes that are ideal for specific niches. With the built-in TM Mega Layout Builder, you can quickly alter the layout structure using four pre-made homepage layouts and pre-designed blocks. With this free upgrade, you get over ten premium PrestaShop plugins, valued at over $1,357. The theme’s multitude of eCommerce solutions, coupled with its sleek and contemporary design, will make the process of creating a conversion-focused website a breeze.

Our Premier Joomla Theme – Jedi

Everyone who loves Joomla will love Jedi, a multipurpose theme. It has a layout that is both responsive and optimized for speed. It will be much easier and faster to launch a web store based on VirtueMart because of the integration. This template comes with a built-in Kunena Forum and a Komento Component, so you can listen to your audience. Making a feature-rich web resource should be a breeze with the help of a number of useful widgets, modules, and extensions.

Finally, we’d like to think that Template Monster is a one-stop shop for all your creative and business needs, offering both free and premium web solutions. Learn new skills and increase your income at this site. You can also join the community of web designers and developers here and feel at home. To sum it up, take advantage of Template Monster’s offerings and soar to new heights.