The hamburger occupies a prominent place in American culture, representing everything from globalization to American exceptionalism – as well as delicious, perfectly grilled meat! Know more about halal burgers in tullamarine.

For optimal flavor, always opt for premium ground beef. Form the patties 1-2 inches larger than your buns to accommodate for shrinkage during cooking and create a shallow dimple in each patty before placing on the grill.


Utilize your hands to combine the ground beef and breadcrumbs until well mixed, then shape into four equal-sized patties (they should be slightly larger than the buns they will be served on as they will shrink during cooking). Make an indentation in each patty to prevent it from puffing up during baking.

Salting and peppering meat before shaping it into burgers will remove moisture from the beef, preventing any toughening from taking place during cooking. Pre-shaped burgers should only be seasoned after they have been heated as this will keep their shape while providing added seasoning options after baking.

Grill over direct heat for 3-4 minutes on each side (depending on how well-done you like your burgers), moving to indirect heat just prior to them being done so the cheese may melt before placing them on a toasted bun with any condiments of choice.


As a rule of thumb for grilling burgers to perfection, aim to reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare, 150 for medium, and 160 for well done. An instant-read meat thermometer gives an accurate reading that prevents under or overcooking of burgers.

If your burgers will be served on buns, brush them lightly with melted butter and toast them lightly on the grill before adding cheese (cheeseburgers can be delicious with cheddar, American, or Swiss).

Refrain from pressing down too heavily with your spatula while the burgers cook – this only compacts and squeezes out all their delicious juices into the hot flame or coals below! A bit of pressure applied early will ensure they maintain their shape without becoming crumbly while cooking.


Your American-grilled burger options don’t end at just ketchup and mustard; there are endless variations available to add a unique flair. Try pairing different soft cheeses such as brie, havarti, or pepper jack with pickled vegetables for an unforgettable experience or add zesty pickles and onions for an irresistibly flavorful touch.

Ketchup is the essential topping for a classic burger, but why not spice things up by adding horseradish sauce for something unexpected and extra tangy? This easy hack adds new dimensions of flavor that add another dimension of deliciousness to any bite-size snack!

If you’re making a cheeseburger, just before taking it off the grill add your preferred cheese slice – American and Havarti cheese are both popular options – to create a luxurious and creamy contrast between juicy beef patties and smooth, velvety cheese slices. Also adding jalapenos or onions adds additional layers of flavor with their spicy heat that rounds out this delectable treat!


A classic hamburger requires classic sauce – horseradish, pickle relish or ketchup are among your many delicious choices that can add that special something. When adding lettuce and tomato for additional taste and crunch, use your preferred choice as your dressing!

When crafting the ultimate burger, use ground beef containing 20% fat or less. Feel free to customize it further with minced garlic, liquid smoke, paprika chili powder Worcestershire or other flavorings of your choosing – minced garlic is often popular choice among many.

Care should be taken not to overhandle the meat as this can remove its natural tender juicy texture and result in toughening it up. When shaping patties, press into each center with your thumb for an indentation – this helps stop them puffing up while cooking. Likewise, grease the grill grate before beginning work with meat – once completed transfer both patties and onion slices to a clean platter to enjoy warm while warm!