While going live on YouTube from an Android device is quick and simple, you should consider it before you press the Go Live button. With the help of the official YouTube mobile apps, you may live stream on YouTube from Android and iOS devices.

What is YouTube Live?

The live streaming tool on YouTube, YouTube Live, enables content creators to communicate with their viewers in real time via chat and video. Users can view the top live streams currently trending in their nation.

Select “Live” from the left sidebar of YouTube’s desktop site.

Live videos and streams can appear on your audience’s YouTube feed if they have subscribed to your channel, previously watched or liked your content, or interacted with comparable material.

Before going live

  • Ensure that your channel has 1,000 or more subscribers (know more).
  • Make sure your channel has been validated. You may quickly check if it is at youtube.com/verify. After the verification procedure, live stream access could not be available for up to 24 hours.
  • Visit youtube.com/features?nv1 to see if you haven’t had any live stream restrictions in the past 90 days.

Using a Phone to Live Stream on YouTube

  1. Activate the YouTube application for Android smartphones or iPhones and tap the plus (+) sign to begin live broadcasting on YouTube.
  2. The pop-up menu will display; select “Go live.” While using the camera, microphone, and storage for the first time, you must authorize access.
  3. After that, add your live stream’s specifics. In addition to changing your visibility options, you can add a title, description, and location. Underneath that, you can also choose whether or not your video is intended for children and establish audience age limitations. You should select a different channel if it doesn’t appeal specifically to children. No, this video isn’t intended for children.
  4. To view the advanced settings, scroll down and tap More Options. Enable conversation and monetization options are available here. Although optional, most creators prefer to make chat and monetization available.
  5. Return to the screen and tap Next at the bottom.
  6. As soon as you click the next button, a countdown timer will begin so that you can select the thumbnail for the video. By selecting the Edit (pencil) icon in the top right corner of the image, you can upload a custom thumbnail if you don’t like the current one. By tapping the camera orientation icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can also decide whether you want to stream using the back camera or the selfie camera.
  7. After you’re finished, click the GO LIVE button at the bottom.
  8. Tap End to end your stream. On your channel, a copy of the stream will be archived. You can modify the privacy setting and remove the video from your channel if you don’t want it to remain there.

From iPhone and iPad

The conditions for setting up a live stream to YouTube from your iPadOS, iOS, or Android smartphone are as follows:

1) A minimum of 50 people must subscribe to your YouTube channel.

2) You need to verify your YouTube channel.

3) iOS 8 or higher must be installed on your iPhone and iPad (which they almost definitely are, assuming you haven’t updated your old iPhone since 2014)

4) No live streaming limitations must have applied to your YouTube channel within the last ninety days.

5) You must make YouTube live broadcasting available.

6) Connect your iPhone or iPad to reliable Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity for a quality YouTube live broadcast (4G, 5G).

Using Your Phone to Live Stream on YouTube: Recommended Practices

It’s normal to feel anxious before performing live for the first time. Yet, from our experience, your target audience will comprehend it. Having conducted several YouTube live streaming on mobile, we advise being as natural and unscripted as possible while participating in the chat.

You’re prepared to interact with your audience live! Here are a few more YouTube streaming pointers to help you have a successful broadcast.

A network connection check

To avoid a broken stream, a dependable internet connection is essential. Hence, to avoid any problems, perform a speed test before going live.

Test your tools.

To avoid embarrassing situations, ensure your webcam, microphone, and other devices work before you go live.

Publicize your live streaming.

To get the word out about your live stream, set a premiere date, post a trailer, and share your link on social media. You can also advertise your YouTube channel to increase the number of people watching your live stream.

Develop a script

Even the most confident speakers might experience anxiety when going live. Have some notes or a script prepared for your stream to prevent making awkward mistakes you’d want to keep off-air.

Be careful.

When watching live streams, be cautious about disclosing personal information. Use YouTube’s safety and moderation tools to create a secure and welcoming environment for your viewers.

What advantages does YouTube Live offer?

The video marketing plan for your brand and creators has much to gain from live streaming. Take into account these particular ways that YouTube Live can help you interact with your audience:

  • Hosting online events: Setting up live events might take a lot of effort and money. A good substitute for traditional seminars, webinars, and product launches that costs less is YouTube Live. Also, virtual events make it simpler for more individuals worldwide to attend.
  • Livestreaming lets you talk to your audience directly, answer compliments, and react to humorous comments in real time. Stronger connections are made with your audience when there is a dialogue between you and them.
  • Instant response to questions: Like with any live event, going live on YouTube enables you to answer queries and comments from viewers immediately and in real-time, increasing audience satisfaction. You may provide more quick and personal assistance with difficulties, instruction, and even product-related queries.
  • Distinguishing from the competition: With more than 2.5 billion monthly active users, Youtube is the second most popular website. YouTube receives daily video content uploads totalling more than 500 hours. Livestreams can make you stand out and appear different because they still make up a relatively modest portion of that content.


You now understand how to live stream on YouTube using a mobile device. Following these instructions, you may start streaming on YouTube from your phone and instantly share your content with viewers.